Enclave Fall 2019

100 ABOVE The Store in Lake Highlands aims to carry items at the request of local shoppers. Gardening gifts and gameday attire are a few popular gifts. RIGHT Calvin setting up displays at the front of her store. The front shelves are stocked with home decor for fall and winter. INTRO RM 12:20 Bistro sits at the edge of the Lakeridge Village shopping center on Walnut Hill Lane. The restaurant provides a French kitchen with a southern touch. Lake Highlands is known for its family-oriented atmosphere, miles of nature trails with breathtaking views of White Rock Lake, and exemplary schools. Over the years, businesses have been working on providing something different in the Lake Highlands community, all while putting the developing neighborhood on the map. Local shops at the up-and-coming Lakeridge Village are taking advantage of changes at the corner of Audelia Road and Walnut Hill Lane. The retail center, originally built in the 1960s, is undergoing a multimillion-dollar revival, and locals are making the most of what is already there. Neighborhood BUSINESS BORN & RAISED For Cheryl Calvin, owner of The Store in Lake Highlands, this neighborhood is a place she holds near and dear. Before opening in 2002, the Lake Highlands native grew up helping at her mother’s gift shop. Oftentimes, she would find trinkets there and share with friends in the neighborhood. That’s when Calvin decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps. “When I opened up 17 years ago, we were having this same conversation in Lake Highlands,” she said. “We didn’t have lots of small businesses, and my friends were like, ‘Cheryl, that stuff you bring from your mom’s store is so cute. Open a shop!’” Over the years, Calvin says Lake Highlands residents dealt with the struggle of having to drive out of the neighborhood to hang out or shop around. The Store is curated with Lake Highlands in mind, making every effort to carry local brands, Lake Highlands- specific home decor, and stocking customer favorites like candles and clothing. Calvin says her inventory has only evolved with the growing community over the years. ”I have ladies coming in with their babies, because their moms brought them in when they were younger,” Calvin said. “Now, they bring their kids, their mom, and grandma shops here too. These are people who want to buy in their community. Yes, they can go to a big box store – this is Dallas after all. But they are making a deliberate decision to shop local.” Seeing different generations of customers come through Calvin’s doors feeds her love for providing more to her community. She says it’s a special place that many families end up calling home forever. “[Staying in the neighborhood] is common in Lake Highlands. My husband and I had one house in Lake Highlands, and then we moved three blocks,” Calvin said. “I have seen a great resurgence in